Website Created

To promote the activities of the Muscatatuck Wildlife Society and improve communications with our members we have built this website.  We encourage everyone to share our site address with others which is

Bees & Butterflies-4Our plan is to post updates periodically regarding events, projects and society meetings.  To receive these updates, via email, please provide us with your email address using the form on the right side of this page.  After you submit your email address you will receive an automated email asking you to confirm your subscription.  Then each time a new update is posted to our website you will receive a copy of the update in your inbox.

As part of our website we have established a number of email addresses that can be used to contact us.  For general information the email address is:  To reach our website Administrator the email address is:

One of our members, Les Wickliff, is the acting administrator for our new website.  Please feel free to submit your feedback via the comments link on each posted updates.

Bees & Butterflies-3We are also grateful for the help of our summer volunteer, Bob Freelove, who designed and built the website for us.